Reebok 11K Pump® Skate

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Reebok’s 11K Pump skate is lighter and more powerful than any Reebok skate to date. Its embedded composite technology solidifies the skate and controls flexion, while its power system gives the skate an intuitive feel with a more agile performance. Coupled with The Pump®, this skate boot brings a new meaning to top-of-the-line comfort in Reebok skates. The 11K skate enhances heel-lock, ankle support and advanced forward flex resulting in a secure fit, while the Pump allows for maximum in personal customization.



  • THE PUMP® TECHNOLOGY: Reebok Proprietary Pump® Technology allows you to eliminate natural gaps around the ankle. By controlling the amount of air in the internal chamber you can customize your fit and prevent heel lift, resulting in improved stability. The Pump provides an ultimate level of personalization and comfort by adjusting to an individual's feet
  • REEBOK'S PRO ARMOUR™ IV: Strategic integration of a lightweight core and a durable outer shell combine to make embedded composite technology.
  • DUAL ZONE LINER WITH TACKY NASH & DURABLE CLARINO: Keeps the foot dry while enhancing foot lock
  • FELT FOAM HYBRID PRO TONGUE: Pre-molded shape provides a comfortable fit while minimizing tongue twist
  • SKATELOCK™: Reebok Proprietary Skatelock™ allows you to isolate two distinct lacing zones by tightening the top three eyelets independently of the forefoot
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CARBON COMPOSITE OUTSOLE: The Reebok 11k has a lightweight low-profile perforated outsole minimizes mass, maximizes energy transfer, and delivers a responsive feel.


  • Black
  • White


SR: 6-12 full/ half/ width D/AA,D,E,EE) 13 full/ width (E)
JR: 1-5.5 full/ half/ width (D,E)
YTH: 11-13.5 full/ half/ width (D)